Gas Prices Continue to Fall


Gasoline prices have now fallen by 15 cents a gallon over the last four weeks. But that’s still 23 cents higher than it was a year ago.

AAA says the reason behind the sudden slump in gas prices is lack of demand thanks to the end of summer road trips. As drivers opt out of long distance trips, the price of crude oil has dropped and is teetering at about $51 a barrel. The auto club says the price of crude right now isn’t determining what drivers pay at the pump because gasoline supplies are high.

The statewide average price per gallon is $2.64, down three cents in the last week. Unleaded regular is going for an average of $2.54 in Rochester and the surrounding counties, down five cents in the last week. Buffalo, at $2.66, is down two cents and Syracuse is down three cents at $2.45 a gallon.